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These are some Keys features we got for you.

We try our best to provide the facilities for all guests, We are only a small bed and breakfast, may have limited facilities or service and apologies in advance.  



- Every room has a Private balcony over the lake.

- Free Secure Parking with full CCTV.

- Onsite Restaurant, only available to onsite guests.  

- Free Breakfast with all room bookings. 

- Free Wifi** throughout the accommodation units.

- Smart 55 inches TV in all rooms with Amazon prime, Netflix, and Youtube( guest must use their account to use this program ) 

- Alexa in all rooms, control lighting, play music, Alarm etc.

- Animal enclosure, be amazed by our Friendly Goats, pigs, Emu, peacocks, Chickens, and Fish. Animal food is available for sale at reception. 

Whether you're visiting friends, celebrating a birthday or taking a business trip, our unique Bed and Breakfast are near the best cultural sites, shopping districts and business centres in the Coventry or nearby, So no matter how long you're staying, your trip away will be unbeatable.

* Please check with reception regarding the restaurant opening time.

**sometimes our internet is a bit slow, as it is because there are so many devices on it at once.

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